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Amazing Pilates studio that offers unique and challenging full body work outs!

Reform Chicago brings together the best aspects of traditional Pilates, using the reformer, with contemporary concepts of high-intensity interval training. Together, the distinct modes of exercise create a full-body workout that exhausts every muscle in a matter of 55 minutes.

Come to a class at Reform Chicago for a taste of the reformer's power. Its founders say that within 10 sessions, you'll see a big change in your body, and not just in how it looks. You'll also feel stronger and more flexible. That's because Pilates targets the core, which serves as the foundation for the body's movement. When you build strength in the abdominal muscles, the effects spiral out to every other part of the body, culminating in an all-over stronger you. Reform Chicago offers five or six classes on weekdays and two on Saturdays. It's closed on Sundays.

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