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Choose from a variety of creative gourmet cuisine and enjoy a luxurious dining at this Michelin Star Restaurant.

When it comes to high-end dining in Chicago, Oriole sets the standard by giving guests an imaginative and thought-provoking meal experience. Named “Best New Restaurant” by Chicago Magazine and earning two Michelin stars in its first year, this elegant establishment features an 11 course menu of creative gourmet cuisine. Seafood is prominently featured, with selections such as Golden Osetra Caviar, Ora King Salmon, Spanish Mackerel, and Beausoleil Oyster. The Berkshire Pork is a savory deviation, topped with raita, cumin, and parsley. The dessert portion of the extended meal keeps the tastebuds tickled to the very end, offering sweet delights such as the Lychee — a sorbet with passion fruit snow, sencha, and ras el hanout. A sommelier is also available to offer a thoughtfully selected pairing to accompany your meal.

The cost of the meal at Oriole is $190 per person, which is a price that may seem high until you experience the quality of the food. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or you simply want to treat yourself, this chic and inventive restaurant could easily be considered among the country’s best.

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