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Relieve stress, rejuvenate yourself, and improve productivity with mindful meditation and Yoga practice at Bottom Line Yoga Studio.

When you hit that mid-afternoon slump, do you ever wish there was somewhere near the office that you could steal away for an hour to sneak in a quick, refreshing nap? There is — it's Bottom Line Yoga. Its studio in the Loop hosts Nap + Meditation classes from 2 to 3 p.m. every day of the week. After all, science shows that brief nap can help to rejuvenate you and improve productivity. So snuggle up with provided blankets and pillows for about 30 minutes or sink into a meditative state before you get back to the grind.

Of course, Bottom Line Yoga also offers some more traditional classes that will get you sweating. Come to a Functional Strength and Core session if you want to really work your muscles and torch calories. Register for Flexible Flow when you're looking for a good stretch coupled with meditative techniques to calm your mind. When you only have a small chunk of time to spare, squeeze in a 30-minute Yoga Blitz class at Bottom Line.

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