Check Out the Museum of Contemporary Art This Weekend

Awaken the Muse in you by paying a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art.

When the Museum of Contemporary Art was first opened in 1964, its founders were driven by a desire to display art in a different way. Instead of housing a permanent collection in their museum, they decided that they wanted to constantly update the inventory in order to bring in new pieces of trending artwork. So they elected to create a Kunsthalle, an “art hall” that hosted rotating exhibits, but didn’t display a collection of its own.

To a certain degree, the museum remains a Kunsthalle. Although it now has a permanent collection of about 2,500 items, they aren’t all on display year-round. The museum incorporates them into the visiting exhibits whenever they fit the theme. This means that you’ll see something new by an up-and-coming artist every time you visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, perhaps right alongside a piece by an artistic genius who came before them.


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