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Enjoy inventive cocktails and unusual bar food at Broken Shaker Chicago.

Whatever you do, don’t go to Broken Shaker Chicago and ask for a beer and a basket of fries. This high-end bar is known for their extremely inventive cocktails and the unusual bar food to match. 

An Old Fashioned is made new again with pumpkin rum or house made Cocoa Puff infused Old Forester. There are about a dozen drinks in total on the house cocktail menu, and each one has wilder ingredients than the last. Once your drink is in hand, choose from classy nibbles like goat cheese fondue, seared octopus, or bacon gravy croquettes. If you simply must have fries, Broken Shaker Chicago does them with peanut satay sauce, curry ketchup, and aioli before they top them off with minced shallots for extra kick. The vibe at Broken Shaker Chicago is just as fun and irreverent as their menu: expect a crowd if you go on the Friday or Saturday night, but do so knowing that wading through the people at the bar to get your Banana Hammock rye and rum cocktail is well worth the trouble. 



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