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Grab french onion crema and bacon and breadcrumb topped mac at Bandit.

Bandit opened just a few weeks ago in the West Loop and has been winning over diners with nostalgic decor and great music, both of which create a charming vibe that makes you want to stay awhile. The eclectic menu features elevated bar fare such as tater tots with caviar and french onion crema and bacon- and breadcrumb-topped mac and cheese. Follow your appetizer with a lobster roll or a plateful of roasted chicken. The drink menu is also truly unique. You can grab everything from a PBR or a craft cocktail to table service complete with a box of Franzia. Don't skip the Off the Record, which combines cucumber, jalapeno, and smoky mezcal.

The popularity of Bandit is gaining traction as it starts to get more and more media coverage for its clever creations, so before you head over, make a reservation on their website so you don’t have to wait.

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