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Enjoy heart-healthy and veggie-based Greek cuisine at Avli.

Greek cuisine has a reputation for being heart-healthy and veggie-based, which is one reason that folks might choose to eat at Avli. But more importantly, this Chicago restaurant has a reputation for serving tasty and delicious food, which is why diners return here again and again.

The menu is divided into "small plates" and "mains," and you can build a meal from either (or both) of these sections. Yelpers recommend ordering one or two main dishes for the table (try the grilled lamb chops or a classic eggplant papoutsakia) along with a variety of shareable plates like grilled artichokes with lemon zest, crispy zucchini chips, Cypriot-style meatballs, and grilled octopus. Whatever you choose, you'll be able to enjoy it in the restaurant's modern, neutral-toned dining room, either at the long counter (good for quick meals) or at a full service table.


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