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Try the vegan milk here.

If you love dessert but try to avoid dairy (or just want to taste something new), Vaca’s Creamery can accommodate you. The new ice cream shop is entirely vegan, opting to craft its treats with oat milk instead of cow’s milk. The result is perfectly creamy vanilla and chocolate soft-serve, decadent sundaes, and even toppings like fudge sauce and confetti cookie dough—all sans the animal products. One taste of the s’mores sundae will transport you to a summertime campfire. It features toasted marshmallows, a house-made cinnamon cookie crumble, and fudge sauce. The Inner Child, on the other hand, is kind of like a candy store in a cup. It comes with confetti-speckled chunks of cookie dough, rainbow sprinkles, and a drizzle of strawberry sauce. You can also design your own soft-serve creation, swirled with your choice of up to four toppings, or try a root beer float or milkshake instead.

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