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Enjoy touristy twist on the traditional game at City Mini Golf.

The John Hancock Building. The Cubs sign at Wrigley Field. The Wells Street Bridge. Iconic sights you’d expect to see on a citywide tour of Chicago, but not necessarily all at the same time. That is, unless you’re playing a round at City Mini Golf. The mini-golf course puts a fun and touristy twist on the traditional game by outfitting each of its holes with Chicago-themed obstacles.

Last year alone, City Mini Golf added three new features to the course! The first one appears at hole 10, an homage to the Chicago White Sox and their South Side stadium. After you shoot a hole-in-one there, let the sound of music guide you to hole 11, where a mini version of the famed Merit School of Music plays real tunes. The final new feature is the Wells Street Bridge—which actually depicts Brown and Purple Line trains running over it—awaiting at hole 16. Over the course of your game, you’ll also get a chance to shoot a hole-in-one directly into the same basket where a mini Michael Jordan is scoring one of the many slamdunks he hit over his career on the Chicago Bulls. You’ll see the iconic Chicago Theater sign and depictions of Millennial Park. City Mini Golf actually happens to be located in Maggie Daley Park, so while you putt along, the surrounding skyline showcases some of the same attractions you’re seeing in their pint-sized forms on the golf course!

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